Wipease metal wipes are a truly wonderful product! I have used several other brands of metal wipes and nothing works as well as Wipease. There is no strong bad odor and they take the tarnish off my brass and silver extremely easily. I highly recommend this product! With my last order I received a sample of the individually wrapped metal wipes, which is a wonderful idea, as they will not dry out as they can do in the container if one is not careful to keep it tightly covered. I plan to order the individually wrapped wipes in the future. 
Frances K, CA

I got all the wipease I ordered and LOVE them all! I wish you Great success and believe me I am letting everyone know how wonderful your products are. I have the Silver polish, Fruit wipes and the bug bite cloths, all are Fantastic.

D.R., CT

INCREDIBLE...........please use my testimonial! The ease of using your product for silver is TERRIFIC. And then, after I rinsed and dried the kiddush cups and silverware I was AMAZED at how bright and shiny they were. I never get a finish like that with 'the pink stuff' or the thick liquid stuff. FABULOUS PRODUCT! I'm telling everyone I know. Pesach is hard enough (and so is maintaining silver) but this product is wonderful! 

Just wanted you to know...

Arlene A, NJ

I have 2 rather large stores in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. We were desperate to reduce cleaning time, but our stores need to look great at all times. Wipease® products made cleaning so quick and easy and an answer to my prayers! Thanks Wipease team.

Mark (Furniture Stores, Santa Monica & Beverly Hills, CA)

Our customers are raving about Wipease® Silver, Chrome & Copper. I sold 18 units in one day - I can't believe how incredible this product is!!

Cathy (Antique Dealer, Orange, CA)

I was using Wipease® Silver, Chrome & Copper when a customer came in and asked is she could buy some. Since then, I have been selling the product and the customers are spreading the work as to how well Wipease® Silver, Chrome & Brass works. It makes my life as a dealer so easy - cleaning silver is no longer a chore, but something that is so quick and easy and makes sure each item looks it best - It certainly makes for an easy sale! 

(Antique Dealer, Fullerton, CA)

This product works so well. My customers have only one word for it.. WOW! There is no longer an excuse that cleaning silver takes long and it's messy. Wipease® Silver, Chrome & Copper takes the mess and the fuss out of polishing the silver. It is affordable and just so easy to use. My customers love it.

Greg (Old Chicago, Fountain Valley, CA)

When I first saw Wipease® Silver, Chrome & Copper being demonstrated, I was impressed. I decided to test it for myself and took an old piece of silver and started wiping. It was a good thing I was sitting when I tried it, as it was truly amazing. In just a quick wipe, the black silver frame was showing that it was silver and not some forgotten piece of junk. I can only say, that for anyone who has any silver, this is the only product to use - I have tried them all.

Georgette (Beverly Hills, CA)

My Silver has never looked so good. It was so much of a bother to polish the silver, I would leave beautiful pieces in boxes rather than have them out. With Wipease® Silver, Chrome & Copper, it is just so easy.


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