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Mexico, China and Hong Kong - Silver Marks

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 | Printer Friendly Printer Friendly

Mexican silver hallmarks known today are found on pieces made from the 1860s. The Mexican Eagle found on many 1940s – 1970s silver jewelry were used to signify Registration or Tax Paid. Mexican silver antiques made during 1860s – 1930s bear only the words “Sterling” or “Silver”. The majority of Mexican silver antiques and jewelry were made with at least 925 silver content. The Chinese people believed that silver is a material that belongs to the Deities or Gods and as such should not be disturbed. And so silver antique production from China, was for utilitarian items mostly destined for use at religious ceremonies. Hong Kong, on the other hand, had many Chinese silversmiths set up shop in imitation of the British that had colonized the region at that time. Most of this activity is around the 1890s – 1930s, and is today in a state of increase especially on China’s mainland.

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Frances K.

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